Assignment 4 – Brand Challenge

 Brand Frenzy   Tactical Gaps  Strategic Gaps  Brand Purpose 

In Assignment 4, we look at our findings from our previous assignments and link them with 3 new concepts: 1) Tactical Gaps, 2) Strategic Gaps, and 3) Brand Purpose. We have also included an additional component “Brand Frenzy” to summarize our findings from BrandKarma’s workshop. The main objective of this assignment is for us to identify our next strategic challenge for Tiffany & Co. by identifying the various gaps between our brand’s identity and the image it portrays to consumers.

We start with our Brand Frenzy findings, then use the ACID test by Balmer and Soenen (1999) from this article: “Bringing the corporation into corporate branding” [] to be our guidelines for Tactical and Strategic Gaps. Finally, we move on to the Brand Purpose that our team has formulated.

The ACID test discusses five types of brand identity:

(1) actual; 
(2) communicated; (3) conceived; 
(4) ideal; and 
(5) desired.


 Brand Frenzy  Tactical Gaps  Strategic Gaps  Brand Purpose 


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