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High Quality Fine Jewelry

All 3 brands have similar product offerings, in which rings are their specialty. Aside from their main product, these companies have also expanded their product line to include products such as earrings, necklaces and watch to name a few. Tiffany & Co. and their competitors are all known for quality products and the attention that goes into making each individual piece of jewelry – which is what makes all products such fine pieces.

Availability of Bespoke Services

To celebrate each unique love story, Tiffany & Co. offers customization services for their rings. Tiffany offers customers the ability to choose their diamond cut, setting and ring type. Tiffany introduced an iPhone app in 2011 to help customers with choosing the perfect engagement ring. Aside from playing with different designs, the app allows customers to seek expert advice and view how the ring will look like on the finger of their loved ones.

However, bespoke services are now widely available in most companies dealing with rings. Blue Nile, one of Tiffany’s main competitors, specializes in the customization of diamond jewelry with their “Build Your Own” feature that allows customers to design not only their rings, but other jewelry as well. Similarly, Pandora also features self-customization services that allow one to create jewelry that suits their own style.

Strong focus on Customer Service

Tiffany & Co. provides excellent customer service. Customers are greeted the moment they walk into the store even by the store’s security guards. Service personnel are on standby to help individual customers with their needs, and provide insights and suggestions with regard to their purchases to help the make a decision that best suits their needs.

Blue Nile although an online store, offers many services to suit the different needs of customers. They also have a toll free hotline for customers to call, showing that they value their customers and are ready to help them with their enquiries. Pandora tailors its retailing and sales approaches to suit the needs of each country they venture into, realizing that different customers will have different needs.

Product Packaging (Tiffany Blue Box)

Tiffany’s packaging since its establishment has been the Tiffany Blue Box. These Blue Boxes have come to represent the brand and are easily recognizable. In addition, these boxes are not for sale and can only be taken out of the store if they have a Tiffany product in them. Today, the box is a coveted icon of elegance and sophistication. To many, it also represents a magical moment that is about to arrive.

The Tiffany Blue Box is represented by a rich image and has come to represent magical moments. This has been achieved by years of branding and is something that is simply unique to Tiffany & Co. Although Tiffany’s competitors may have elegant packaging, the emotions that one experiences upon seeing the Tiffany Blue Box cannot be replicated.

Collaborations with renowned designers

Tiffany & Co. collaborates with renowned designers to create new products that help them expand their product offerings. This also supports their heritage of nurturing design genius and making extraordinary jewelry of impeccable quality and craftsmanship. Some famous designers that Tiffany has worked with include Frank Gehry, Elsa Peretti and Jean Schlumberger.

With Tiffany being a world famous brand with a rich legacy, they have an advantage when it comes to working with world famous designers as they are a well-established brand. Their competitors while offering many products have yet to feature any collections done in collaboration with famous designers.

Tiffany Diamond Certificate and Product Warranty

Each and every Tiffany Diamond comes with a certificate that has grading and gemological information specific to the diamond. Tiffany also offers lifetime services that include cleaning, inspection and ring sizing. Such actions show that the company is committed to maintaining a heritage of excellence and cutting-edge design and to document that the company is indeed a leader in diamond rings.

Tiffany’s competitors Blue Nile only offers a 30 day product warranty for customers to return the product as they have been purchased online. Meanwhile, Pandora offers a 1 year warranty that applies only to manufacturer’s faults.

Offering a lifetime warranty thus certifies the authenticity and integrity of a Tiffany diamond, and an unspoken promise about the product and dedication of the company that cannot be matched.

Global Strategy  Local Strategy  Brand Knowledge  CBBE Pyramid  Competitor Analysis 


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