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During the brand frenzy, our team initially banned the word “love” in coming up with a tagline/slogan for the brand as we felt that Tiffany had become to synonymous with words like “Engagements”, “Weddings” and “Marriage”. However, while trying to brainstorm for new ideas, we found it really challenging to come up with something that embodied what Tiffany is about. So, we headed back to square one, and decided if we really wanted to ban the word “Love”.

After much discussion, we decided that due to Tiffanys’ rich history and heritage, the word “love” was extremely relevant to the brand. However, in order to branch out further, and to allow consumers to associate the brand further, we decided to use the following words in our brand purpose. Individually, these words pack a punch due to their deep meaning. Combined into a phrase, and with Tiffany promoting this cause, we feel that it can bring the brand to greater heights, and also allow for new strategies to be implemented. While expanding the brand image may be a challenge at first, we believe that consumers will welcome this change as we are simply building on existing associations, and not totally revamping the brand. We are aiming to expand the brand and not move it totally out of its initial reach. Thus, this is the new brand purpose Team Tiffany has come up with.

Brand Purpose: 

We will now elaborate why we chose these 4 special words and linked them together to promote a greater cause and purpose for Tiffany.

1. Redefining

To redefine means to give a new meaning to something, or to define something again or differently.

This word was chosen because we want to help Tiffany break out of the mould that it seems to be cast in. Majority of the people surveyed and interviewed associate Tiffany with only engagement and weddings. Most of our consumers only consider Tiffany at a certain point in the life – when they are in a committed relationship, or ready to enter the marriage stage of life. We want to redefine the framework in which Tiffany enters the consideration set of a consumer in many different occasions, not just one, further increasing its breadth.

2. Love.

The definition(s) of love are as follows:

1. To have a deep, tender, ineffable feeling of affection and solicitude toward (a person);

2. To experience deep affection or intense desire for another.

We at Tiffany want love to be associated with more than that of the love between couples/romantic love. Thus, coupled with the first word of “redefine”, we want to promote that love takes many forms, and even the simplest forms of love can and should be celebrated. Love can exist in many ways, ranging from a father’s love to his newborn child, love between friends, love between a pet owner and his pet, etc. Team Tiffany believes in celebrating often-overlooked milestones and occasions such as graduation ceremonies, job promotions, renewal of vows, and even when new life first opens its eyes and looks upon this world.

3. Special Moments.

What makes something special?

Things that we hold dear to our hearts are the things that we do not receive everyday, or the completion of something big and meaningful in our lives (eg, graduating from college, getting one’s first paycheck and the birth of a first child).

Thus, special moments are moments that do not happen daily, but occasionally, or maybe only once in a lifetime. Together with the previous two words, we want to redefine love in its special moments, and to show the world that in this lifetime, Tiffany & Co. will always be there to celebrate the simplest and loveliest of occasions that people hold dear to their hearts. Everyone has a different definition of what makes a moment special, but at Tiffany & Co., all moments are special to us.

Summary of Brand Purpose

To sum it all up, we want to redefine and broaden the meaning of love. We want to expand our associations of “love” by letting it encapsulate the smallest, simplest, and most unconventional forms of love. Tiffany wants to be associated with not only romantic love between heterosexual couples, but with generally all kinds of love that exists in this world.

Tiffany wants to show that she is with her customers at every point in their lifetime and help them celebrate the special milestones in their lives. We but, only live once. It is important that we express our love and celebrate what makes us and others around us smile.

Our broad range of products can be relevant to one at almost every different life stage, from the birth of a child, a child’s first day at school, graduation, birthdays, finding love, growing old together to name a few. The list is non-exhaustible. With this purpose, Tiffany becomes ingrained in the lives of their die-hard fans. When one grows up with a brand, emotional bonds are formed and these bonds can be passed down to generations after. Thus, we see our purpose as one that has a long term orientation. Tiffany retains its original values as being timeless and everlasting. From 1886 to 2012, Tiffany & Co. remains as the same, familiar, nolstalgic brand. With this, we also want to create the impression that our products can be handed down as heirlooms and passed down from one generation to the next.

Team Tiffany believes that with this new brand purpose in mind, we can help to create fond memories in every person’s lifetime, highlighting the genuine expression of love that is encapsulated in these special moments, thereby allowing the world to appreciate life’s precious moments a lot more. Love connects people. Love is a language that everyone in the world seems to understand and speak. Love does indeed make the world go round. And we at Tiffany & Co. believe in promoting this love through our brand.

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