The Embrace Collection

Synopsis   Tiffany’s Men Range  In-Store Experience 

Love Knows No Boundaries  Tiffany Day  Brand Valuation

For many years, Tiffany and Co. had always been seen as the brand that create bonds only for lovers, because of the engagement rings that they sell as well as the many advertisements that had portrayed the brand as a brand for special occasions as well as for your loved ones. Therefore, many viewed the brand as a gift for their lovers and Tiffany is the place to go when they are looking for gifts for engagements, weddings and anniversaries.

We also mentioned in assignment 4 that Tiffany is often portrayed as a brand for special occasions shared by heterosexual lovers due to the advertisements. The idea that Tiffany products are gifts perfect for any occasion is somehow not quite communicated to its consumers.  On top of that, their advertisements often features couples in romantic settings, narrowing their brand imagery to only for lovers instead of the wider definition of love, which consist of romantic relationships, friendships and kinships. Therefore, in this assignment, we wish to redefine the meaning of love, in line with our Brand Purpose “Redefining Love’s Special Moments” .

During the Brand Frenzy challenge, we identified our cause for Tiffany as a brand to be a brand that grows with our consumers, always being there for them at every special moment in their life, telling our audience that love should be expressed even if its simplest forms, and at any moment possible.

To promote our new definition of love, we decided to introduce a range of matching jewelry pieces called “The Embrace Collection” that portray the meaning of bonds and love between two or more individuals suitable for romantic relationships, friendships or kinship, and it can also be for any occasions, such as graduation, birthdays, welcoming a newborn etc.

And these matching jewellery can be for special moments that hold a significant meaning to two individuals, special moments that have special meanings to both individuals that have the jewelry, it can be a simple moments such as adulthood, 60th birthday or mother’s and father’s day. It can also be matching jewellery for family members to show the strong bonds of kinship among family members.  These matching jewellery pieces also represent the commitment of two individuals to each other, be it for friendship, for love or from parents to their children, from children to their parents etc.

The Embrace Collection aims to create bonds between people that appreciate simple, sincere bonds that are formed  between them and their loved ones, not just bonds formed between a heterosexual couple. Such tokens of appreciation will hopefully stay with them throughout different stages of their life, and remind them of this special bonds and memories that they had before. We want our consumers to feel that Tiffany will always be there to celebrate every moment of their lives with them, be it the most memorable or the simplest ones, as long as the memories holds special meanings  in their hearts, Tiffany will always be there to celebrate it with them, as every moment is special to us.

Some examples of our Embrace collection will include the heart and lock necklace, matching rings, bracelets, key holders or even engraving of dates and words that is meaningful for people who want their products to have a symbolic meaning.

Other possible jewellery ideas can be matching gift bracelets come in a traditional glass bottle, containing a message for each other, charms for graduations and new born etc. Tiffany can also explore the possibility of having matching friendship bands/bangles.

We want to include  free engraving services as we recognize that consumers who purchase pieces from our Embrace Collection will want an element of personalization. For example, families who purchase matching products for their family members can engrave their last names/surnames on the products. The products may even become a family heirloom eventually.

Another unique example of our Embrace Collection can include matching jewellery pieces such as rings and necklaces with birthstones attached to them. We see this to potentially be popular with mothers and their newborns; or even twins/triplets/siblings or friends born in the same month, who want to have a special matching product each.

By creating a new Embrace Collection, we hope to help redefine Tiffany’s brand purpose of “Redefining love’s special moments” as we want our consumers to be reminded that Tiffany is going be there celebrating each of their special moments with them from the day they are introduced to this world, to the days when they are old. We recognize that most of our current consumers are gift-givers; and this may be a hit with them as they can specially pick out a special gift for their loved ones, and a matching one for themselves.

Synopsis   Tiffany’s Men Range  In-Store Experience 

Love Knows No Boundaries  Tiffany Day  Brand Valuation


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