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Synopsis   Tiffany Men’s Range  Love Knows No Boundaries 

 The Embrace Collection  Tiffany Day  Brand Valuation

Revamping the Store Experience for Tiffany & Co. Singapore

As mentioned in an article, “Most creative jewelry campaigns” by JustLuxe, the Tiffany & Co. flagship store in New York was named  “The Best Place in the World”. Audrey Hepburn, the classic star of “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”, declared that Tiffany’

Today, millions of women dream of the enchanting moment when they get to carefully unravel the white bow binding a coveted Tiffany Blue Box. Still, those who cannot afford the luxurious jewels are content to gaze at the fantastical window displays of the polished granite flagship store, which has occupied the glitzy corner of Fifth Avenue and 57th Street in Manhattan since 1940. Tiffany’s describes the renowned displays as “miniature worlds of fantasy, beauty and whit that mix the extraordinary with the ordinary.”

From Assignment 4, we identified the “Inconsistency in overall store experience” as a strategic gap for Tiffany. With that, we gave some brief suggestions as to what can be done. In this Assignment, we will expand further into how we can make Tiffany & Co. Singapore a destination by itself, like how the New York flagship store has been defined. In line with our new brand purpose, “Redefining love’s special moments”, we aim to redefine the Tiffany retail stores, so that upon entering the store, consumers will be able to experience the universal truth of “love” in Tiffany’s brand – from the point where they hear about the brand to stepping into the store, and to the final purchase of a Tiffany product.

In-Store Layout:

We mentioned in Assignment 4 that the visibility of the mens’ products should be improved, as there is an increasing demand for mens’ jewelry product. In addition, as the store layout can be quite puzzling (we did not know where to go to fin

d what), Tiffany can place a small store map on a marble slab on the wall just in front, or by the side of the entrance to help consumers find what they want. They can also consider placing one of their customer service staff near the entrance to be the “usher”, directing incoming guests to where they want to go.


We want to enable consumers to feel the “Tiffany experience” through as many of their five senses as possible.

  • Sight: One of the key components of the look of a store are the walls of a store. We believe that in embracing its new brand purpose, Tiffany should showcase nolstagic photographs which capture special moments of all types of celebrations and love.

  • Sound: We suggest that Tiffany play some light bossa-nova/lounge music in order to appeal to the “hearing” sense. By playing some light music, consumers not only get to feel more relaxed but may want to extend the duration of their shopping process at Tiffany. 

  • Smell: Since Tiffany already has its own perfume/scent range in its international stores, Tiffany & Co. Singapore can adopt scent marketing. Scent marketing helps build brand identity as well as loyalty. In doing this, Tiffany can either use one of its existing scents, or create its own special store fragrance. This can eventually be adopted in its other stores worldwide to promote homogeneity/consistency in all stores worldwide. In creation of a new scent, Team Tiffany would suggest a classic mixture of ylang ylang (it is found in many oriental perfumes similar to Tiffany’s current perfumes and is known for inducing calm feelings), vanilla (also a base of Tiffany’s perfumes, and scientific experiments proved that it significantly reduces the anxiety of people in stressful situations), damascene rose (which is very popular in the Middle east), and jasmine (a stronger scent compared to the previous three, which intensifies after the sun sets). This blend represents subtle class and elegance, which is the perfect representation of Tiffany.
  • Touch: Tiffany can provide cushioned seats in its private booths on its diamond gallery level for its more exclusive customers. Its current stores do not have seats, as the customers usually stand to examine and choose the products from a bird’s eye view.
  • Taste: Tiffany can serve tea and small bites to its customers at the more exclusive levels of the store (the diamonds gallery).

Customer service:

Tiffany should have at least one customer service staff positioned at each segment and behind each counter, to ensure that the store looks spaciously segmented and organized. In addition, we believe that the front-line employees of Tiffany should embody the Tiffany experience. Instead of the current full-black ensemble of Tiffany’s uniforms, Tiffany should introduce the concept of “internal Tiffany ambassadors”, in which its frontline employees should be properly attired in a classic suit with a touch of the Tiffany identity –

Women: Black suit with Robin Blue scarf tied loosely around the neck or Robin Blue long dress

Men: Black suit with Robin Blue pocket square


Global brands could work both ways – they could either have all stores presented in a different fashion so that consumers will be attracted to visit each store to experience the difference; or stores should be homogeneous worldwide. In retaining its goal to be known as classic, timeless, and neverchanging, we feel that it is important for Tiffany’s stores worldwide to be presented in a somewhat similar fashion to ensure brand image consistency. Consumers should expect class, luxury, and perhaps more of the iconic Robin Blue colours in the stores.

Synopsis   Tiffany Men’s Range  Love Knows No Boundaries 

 The Embrace Collection  Tiffany Day  Brand Valuation



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