Exploratory Study – Limitations

Diary Guidelines  Elysius  Felicia  Byron  Ashley  Aaron

In this exploratory study, based on our guidelines,

This study serves to observe 5 unique individuals hailing from different walks of life and captured in moments of their uninhibited selves in an uncontrolled environment/setting and their relationship with Tiffany & Co. – using Susan Fournier’s 15 Brand Relationships.

However, it is impossible to achieve a 100% “uninhibited selves” and “uncontrolled environment”.

Firstly, the 5 unique individuals our team chose participated in our study as a kind favour (Thank You!). Our participants have no incentives to provide accurate, truthful and elaborate responses.

Secondly, this activity cannot be conducted anonymously. As our participants are being observed, they may feel that they are being judged by the observers and thus, inclined to portray themselves favorably. Therefore, our participant’s responses in the diary and a day of observation may not accurately depict their true lifestyle and feelings about the Tiffany & Co.

Diary Guidelines  Elysius  Felicia  Byron  Ashley  Aaron


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