Love Knows No Boundaries

Synopsis   Tiffany’s Men Range  In-Store Experience 

The Embrace Collection  Tiffany Day  Brand Valuation

As mentioned in assignment 4, Tiffany’s What Makes Love True microsite features curated content of real people recounting the meaning of true love and stories of their real-life love encounters, coupled with additional filmed content and romantic songs, as well as an interactive map where consumers share locations where they have experienced romance.

This long-running campaign since June last year has been highly successful, largely credited to how Tiffany has carefully recreated the sensorial experience of its brand online. Tiffany understood the importance of owning a brand that connects to consumers’ emotions, thence effectively creating a virtual environment highly charged of emotional sensibilities – based entirely on the concept of love and romance. Even though the microsite is still updated regularly with new photos and tags on its interactive map, the team finds that the campaign has gradually lost its hype with the sluggish updates.
The team proposes to launch a new campaign – Love Knows No Boundaries, as an extension of its What Makes True Love campaign. The key objective of this campaign would be to reposition Tiffany from a brand only associated with romantic love to encompass a broader definition of love, which is essentially the new brand purpose we have defined in the previous assignment: Redefining Love’s Special Moments. As emphasized repetitively in Assignment 4, love encompasses many facets – such as romantic relationship, friendship and kinship. Through this campaign, the team aims to break the mould and re-educate consumers that love takes place in many forms, not bounded to just romantic love. There are many other moments of love that deserves to be celebrated as well. On this new microsite, photo gallery would feature photos celebrating friendships and kinships, instead of solely featuring romantic relationships. For instance, photos featuring a father and a daughter or two BFFs (best friends forever).
Other than the photo gallery, the interactive map on the new microsite would also feature check-ins by users with the use of the hashtag – #loveknowsnoboundaries. The check-in function on Facebook has become increasingly popular and by leveraging on that, users can check-in with the hashtag even for simple events such as a birthday dinner with a best friend or a baby shower. These check-ins from all over the world would be captured and updated instantaneously on the microsite. Again, we want to prove that love exists in many different forms and every special moment is worth celebrating. Love does not have to exist in the form of significant milestones in life in order to be celebration-worthy.
Additionally, with globalization, many aspects of our lives have been changed. Take technological revolution as an example. In this new media age, information technology has become ubiquitous and is changing every aspect of how we live our lives. All over the world, people are surfing the Internet on their smartphones, laptops or tablets communicating with each other instantaneously. The emergence of many low cost carriers has also made traveling a relatively inexpensive option, effectually increasing the frequency we travel, whether for business or leisure. In this sense, love is no longer bounded to just a geographical region. Tiffany can offer international deliveries by partnering with a trustable courier. For example, one can order a Tiffany product for his or her significant other who is living or studying abroad. This product would then be delivered to said person’s doorstep, together with a postcard. This would help create special moments, which customers would most definitely hold dear to their hearts and reminisce upon in the years to come.

Tiffany can also challenge the myth that most long-distance relationships do not work out. There would be a section dedicated specially to users to share their personal stories on a long-distance relationship. Couples from different parts of the world can also choose to tag themselves on the interactive map as a pledge of their love. Alternatively, users can also offer tips and advices to maintaining a long-distance relationship.

Synopsis   Tiffany’s Men Range  In-Store Experience 

The Embrace Collection  Tiffany Day  Brand Valuation


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