Qualitative – Brand Personification and Obituary

Main Analysis  Brand Survey Findings  Word Association  Laddering

We wanted to find out the brand essence of Tiffany & Co. With this, we decided to explore user perceptions of Tiffany’s core identity – which comprise of the fundamental values and beliefs that it stands for, and to draw links as to whether consumers prefer a brand that exhibits similar characteristics and ideals. Thus, we decided to implement Brand Personification (giving life to the brand and discovering its heart and soul of it); and Brand Obituary (taking life away from the brand, assuming it has passed on, and finding out what it will be remembered most for).

Both exercises were merged and given to a selected group of 10 individuals (3 students and 7 working professionals aged between 18 to 55).

In this exercise, they were tasked to share with us their imagery of Tiffany by describing what they portray of the brand’s physical appearance, personality, core values and beliefs. The respondents penned their thoughts and were also given the option to draw them.

We collated our responses and here are some similar sample responses:

Here are a couple of the “exceptional” responses, which we found quite interesting:

In this exercise we wanted to explore how would our respondents feel if Tiffany & Co. passed on. Will they be dearly missed and what will they be remembered for?

Upon compilation of our users’ responses about Tiffany & Co.’s Brand Personality and Obituary, we have seem to come to a common consensus that the similar brand characteristics that keep being mentioned include, “timeless, luxurious lifestyle, elegance, sophistication, love, family, romance, and friendship.” The image that our respondents came up with is consistent with the brand image and values that celebrates true love in the forms of friendship, kinship and romantic relationship.

However we also did note some exceptional responses. What we found surprising was that the exceptional responses were penned by the males. The core values and beliefs that the males deviates from Tiffany’s values yet there is a positive side whereby they associated the brand with beauty and strength in the form of an animal and a flower.

Through our Brand Personality and Obituary exercise, it seems that Tiffany has done a decent job with regard to pushing the emotional component out to its buyers and prospects. Female respondents showed attachment to the brand, some acknowledging that the brand will be missed and gave it positive traits such as unique, beautiful and elegant as what Tiffany is known for. The brand left a lasting impression on them.

On the other hand, the male respondents seemed indifferent. A few were surprised that the brand lasted so long and some noted that brand was overpriced and would be better off if the brand passed on.

Through this exercise, we can conclude that Tiffany plays a more important role in the life of women rather than men. However, as gift-givers who are mostly men is one of the Tiffany’s largest customer segment, it is vital for the brand to build stronger relationships with this segment.

 Main Analysis  Brand Survey Findings  Word Association  Laddering


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