Tiffany Day

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Creating a Tiffany Day 

To link back to our brand purpose of “Redefining Love’s Special Moments”, our team has come up with the idea of implementing a “Tiffany Day”. The aim of this day is to encourage everyone to show their love for their treasured ones,  be it their parents, friends, significant other or friends (the list goes on). We at Tiffany feel that love is all around us. It does not have to be restricted to only that between couples. Love can come in all shapes and sizes, and every kind of love deserves to be celebrated because it in itself is something special.

In addition, to justify the high costs involved in holding this event, we will kick start our other “mini” campaigns on this day, to give them full exposure to our loyal consumers.

Event Rationale:

The idea to hold a Tiffany Day first occurred to us because it was something novel here in Singapore. The aim of this day is to:

  1. Spread brand awareness
  2. Inform the public about our notion of “Redefining Love’s Special Moments”
  3. Reward loyal brand users with a special day and a chance to share this day with their loved ones (ie, friends and family)
  4. Create special bonds (between our consumers, and between our consumers and their loved ones)
  5. Show our consumers that we appreciate them by creating this special day and opportunity for them express their love for their loved ones on a large-scale public event
  6. Foster a local Tiffany community

At the end of the event, we hope that our consumers and the public in general, will be greater aware of what we as a brand stand for. In the long run, we hope that this will become an annual event. This gives consumers something to talk about. With the event’s success, we hope that we will be able to make each year’s event bigger and better than the last.

To keep maintain the element of “exclusivity” for the brand, the event will have two ongoing parts to it. These activities will be described below.

Event Description

Event Name: Blue is The Colour of Dreams

Event Date: September

Event Venue: Gardens By The Bay, Flower Dome

Event Time: 4pm – 10 pm

The location of Gardens By the Bay was chosen because it is an outdoor space with plenty of space to accommodate our guests. Additionally, we believe that its unique look will provide a perfect backdrop for our guests to make memories. The flower dome in particular was chosen as it is a special place, romantic yet suitable for families. It further allows for us to carry out the activities that we have in mind, which will be later covered. Furthermore, guest will be encouraged to wear their Tiffany products or come dressed in something similar to the shade of Robin Egg Blue.

Sharing Special Moments

The first part of the event, will be for the public to share their special moments caught on film with everyone else. To create a surreal setting,  these photos will then be hung from trees. From this set-up, those who have contributed their photos can also use the setting as a backdrop for more photo opportunities, and also view photos that have been contributed by others.  In addition,  these photos submitted can reflect any kind of love. The rationale of this is that we want to redefine theses special moments, and this activity allows one to relive these moments, and further enhance that moment by associating it with the special activity that Tiffany has planned.

Image showing how photos will be adorn the place

Picnic with Tiffany

This other activity, “Picnic with Tiffany”, will be an by-invitation only event. Tiffany & Co. will mail out invitations to customers, and invite them to partake in this special event. Customers will be allowed to bring along family and friends. Goodie bags containing a picnic mat and other special merchandise will also be distribute to these guests. While guests will be asked to pack their own picnic dinners, we will provide mini snacks (such as cotton candy, macaroons, and muffins – all in the colour of Robin Egg Blue).

The aim of this event is to allow everyone and anyone to spend time with those dear to their hearts and just treasure the love that everyone has for each other, whilst creating special memories and bonds along the way.

The event venue will of course be decorated in Tiffany’s trademark robin egg blue. This serves to create an emotional bond with the brand, as those who come to enjoy this special event would associate positive emotions to the brand. Overall, this is good for Tiffany’s brand value. It not only gives more awareness to the brand, but it also gives the brand good publicity, and hopefully, the brand becomes associated with these special moments in the lives’ of our consumers.

Event Highlights

Tiffany Fashion Show

Later in the night, there will be a fashion show in the outdoor arena, where Tiffany’s latest products will be showcased. Celebrities and a few lucky Tiffany customers will parade down a runway adorned in these products. These lucky Tiffany customers will be scouted during the event itself, thus creating an element of surprise.

Love song dedications

Throughout the day, music will be played by a deejay. Anyone can dedicate a song together with a special message to their loved ones.

The main focus of the event, as mentioned, will be the picnic where one gets to spend quality time and create special memories with their loved ones. Our team has decided to not fill this event up with various activities so that everyone can be focused on those dear to their hearts. Also, the special moments in live do not have to be extravagant. The small things and moments can be special in so many ways. (After all, it’s the small actions that make you love someone even more.) 

Balls of Love

On the day of the event, a station will be set up, in which customers can pen down their well-wishes or special memories onto these floating balls. These balls will then fill up the Dragonfly Lake at Gardens By The Bay.

Pre Event Action Plan

Tiffany & Co will create hype about the event by first announcing small details over a period of time.  To stay in line with the exclusive brand image of Tiffany, certain events will be a by-invite only event.

While we want everyone to be able to partake in this special day, we realise that Tiffany is positioned as a luxury brand and thus, a certain level of exclusivity has to be maintained in order for the brand value to not be diluted. This is important as some consumers have already stated that Tiffany is becoming over-commercialized, thus losing its special appeal. Thus, it is vital that we manage the exclusive part of the brand image well.

1000 invites will be sent out to Tiffany customers. Guest will be allowed to invite their family (up to 4 people per customer) and the first 700 guests to sign up will be confirmed a place.

Additionally, Tiffany will send out invites to local celebrities and bloggers to give the event more hype, and later on, PR value for the brand.

Key performance indicators

The benefits of having such a event will be measured in the following ways:

  • Publicity generated by the events (ie, number of media mentions)
  • Buzz created in the days leading up to the event, and days after the event
  • Increase in sales
  • Increase in brand awareness /salience
  • Overall increase in brand value
  • Sustainability of event
  • Event turnout

Synopsis   Tiffany’s Men Range  In-Store Experience 

Love Knows No Boundaries  The Embrace Collection  Brand Valuation



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